Shika is an online fashion boutique based in the Washington DC area. The meaning of Shika is “gold/royalty” which is how Shika treats all individuals. This name was chosen by the owner because she decided that this company must make a positive impact on the world one individual at a time by making everyone feel good about themselves when looking in the mirror!

Style, Meets Empowerment

Plenty of beauty brands claim to be ethical. But here at Shika, empowerment and ethics aren’t just glossy marketing buzzwords. Theses are the driving force behind our brand! Shika is determined to help individuals with low self esteem, depression and other challenges rebuild self confidence again. We want all individuals to feel great about what they see when they look in the mirror!

Empowerment, Meets Teamwork

Shika believes that to truly empower individuals requires teamwork, dedication, morals, and ethics. We cannot change the world alone, so we have connected with other organizations that share our passion and efforts to rebuild the lives of those who need us. Our biggest partner is an image consulting firm in Washington DC called SBGI Consulting. Their image consultants, fashion stylists, makeup artists and nail technicians are amazing, and take good care of our clients!

Our Partner SBGI Consulting

Kerry Jean-Baptiste

Image Consultant, SBGI Consulting

Celthia Corsino

Image Consultant, SBGI Consulting

Elizabeth Darrell

Image Consultant, SBGI Consulting

Need help shopping? We Can Help!

Shika Partners with SBGI a leading Image Consulting Firm in the Washington DC and Orlando Florida areas. SBGI has a team of Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Makeup Artists and partners with top Hair Stylists, Hair Salons, and Nail Salons to help individuals achieve the perfect look! SBGI has provided in home beauty services to several of our clients to make them look amazing for their big events, casual outings, job interviews, and most importantly themselves to build self esteem!